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The new
Untis Messenger

Good Bye WhatsApp -
The messenger for your school communication
Untis Messenger

- 30% discount until 31.12.19

For the next 5 years!

“The Untis Messenger just came out at the right time, we lacked a suitable tool until now.”

Maria Reiter, Secondary school teacher

The new messenger for teachers and students

Fast communication via messenger is omnipresent in our daily life. So it is also in schools. Untis offers with its messenger a data protection compliant alternative to WhatsApp.
  • Communicate with colleagues and students without hesitation
  • Public or private groups: Share photos of trips or projects and much more
  • Data protection compliant
  • Anti bullying: No pure student communication
Unlock now in WebUntis and test for free for 5 months!
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Functions at a glance

The integrated Messenger in WebUntis is ideal as a communication channel at your school. With its extensive functionality, it can easily replace existing message platforms.

Automatic generation of groups

It has never been so easy to create groups. You can transfer your groups directly from WebUntis. That way you always have all your students in the right channel.

Send files

Thanks to the Untis Messenger, you can always provide important files for your class or group, or even take pictures of the blackboard. With just one click, the picture is visible to the whole class.

Separation between professional and private communication:

All groups and channels in Untis Messenger are provided by teachers or the head office. Direct messages among students can only be written with the insight of teachers. That way the privacy is protected and professional and private communication can be well separated.

Users directly from WebUntis

No additional passwords and e-mail addresses! WebUntis users can easily log in using their existing login information. You do not need to create new accounts, or share your private phone number. Just switch on and start writing.

Data protection compliant

With the new Messenger, you are armed for all data protection policies. WebUntis has been ISO certified for years. Your data will be kept safe and will not leave the European Union.